CSOs in the health sector pushes for an upheave to the Ministry of Health by 15 percent

A group of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the health sector, has proposed for an upheave of budgetary allocation to the Ministry of Health by 15 percent, if the country is to take the right direction in its quest to reach the universal health coverage agenda.

In their submission during the pre-budget consultative meeting Wednesday in Lilongwe, the group’s representative who is also a Leader of Malawi Health Equity Network (MHEN) George Jobe said the current budget does not comply with Abuja Declaration on health budgets, leaving Malawi behind with 12 percent.

Meanwhile, Jobe has also suggested the need for the government to introduce a National Health Fund which will help generate funds for the sector’s service delivery improvements, by making sure that the sector is not only relying on funds from budgets allocations.

He suggests that part of toll gates revenues and levy on visas among others, be channeled to the health sector through the National Health Fund.

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