Teen Pregnancies alarming in Kasungu

By Collings Kalivute

Education experts in the country have called for the introduction of comprehensive Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) issues to address alarming cases of teen pregnancies in the country.

Child rights advocate Dr Jessie Kabwira and education activist Charles Maluwa were commenting on news that over 400 young girls are giving birth in Kasungu district each month.

Kasungu District Health Office (DHO) Spokesperson Catherine Yoweri reveals at least 410 young girls of school going age are delivering babies at the referral facility, the development she described as worrisome.

Yoweri has since called for collaborative efforts among stakeholders to deal with the act by intensifying sensitization campaigns among communities.

“There is a need for collaboration among stakeholders in child protection to deal with the vice. The situation is worrisome as at least 410 young girls of school going age are delivering at the hospital each month,” she said.

However, Dr Kabwira said if the situation is left unchecked, the vice will continue frustrating efforts towards achieving high quality education in the country, hence the need for an inclusive approach in providing awareness to both men and women on the same.

“Inclusive approach in providing awareness to both men and women is a key in dealing with the vice. As you can observe that our country’s education system is not providing enough support for girls to acquire high quality education,” said Dr Kabwira.

While concurring with Dr Kabwira, Maluwa feels besides the need for collaborative efforts among stakeholders, there is a need to bring perpetrators to book.

“This simply means that as a country, especially the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders in Kasungu we are not serious in curbing the malpractice. We need to use laws that protect young girls thereby bringing to book perpetrators of the vice”, lamented Maluwa.

Over 10 young girls of the age of 10-14 and 400 girls of 15-17 are giving birth every Month in Kasungu district.

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