Good Neighbors Malawi hailed for promoting access to quality health care

Written by Collings Kalivute:

The Ministry of Health has commended the private players in the health sector for helping in advancing government’s commitment towards realization of quality health service delivery in the country.

Minister responsible, Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda, expressed the sentiment on Monday, in Kasungu district when the Good Neighbors Malawi made a donation of drugs and medical supplies worth K1 billion at Kasungu district hospital.

Chiponda highlighted that players in the health sector must start conducting a prior needs assessment before deciding on areas of rendering assistance to avoid donating already available drugs and medical equipment, a situation she said will enable balancing of the needs in the country’s hospitals.

Described the assistance as crucial and timely-Chiponda.

Chiponda commended Good Neighbors Malawi for the assistance describing it as crucial and timely.

“We are very happy as the government for the donation given by the Good Neighbors Malawi. This is crucial and timely, as it is complementing to efforts in attaining the Universal Health Coverage in the country,” Chiponda said.

In her remarks, Good Neighbors Country Director, Gyo Jin Joo said inadequate variety of medicines prompted the organization to make the donation.

Standing-Good Neighbors Country Director, Joo.

“We have heard reports of drug shortages in the country’s health facilities and for such reasons we decided to hold government’s hand by donating the drugs and medical supplies at Kasungu district hospital,” Joo said.

Good Neighbors Malawi started its operations in the country in 2018 focusing on community development programs such as child health, education, water and sanitation as well as income generation among rural communities.

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