Kaliyeka Youth Unite for the Less Privileged

Written by Dalitso Chikwatu:

Youth in Kaliyeka area 21 in Lilongwe have taken the initiative to empower themselves by forming a group called the Kaliyeka Ghetto Group, aimed at encouraging young people to come together and collectively address issues faced by the less privileged.

Lilongwe City Mayor Richard Banda, who attended the official launch of this group in Kaliyeka, expressed his admiration for the youth’s proactive approach in addressing the challenges faced by the less privileged.

Banda commended their efforts in organizing fundraising activities to support those in need.

Some of the youths selling food stuffs.

He stated, “This fundraising initiative organized by the youth in this area is remarkable. I’m thrilled to see them engage in various activities with the goal of raising funds to assist the less privileged. Besides, I am here to show my support and encourage the youth to continue with their program.”

Despite being the councilor of Kaliyeka ward, the mayor has actively participated in various youth-related functions. He pledged financial assistance to the group, emphasizing his commitment to helping them reach their target beneficiaries.

Mayor Banda (center) during the launch.

“I am calling upon local leaders to support and motivate the youth in their endeavors, particularly in organizing fundraising events and involving members from outside the area to increase their fundraising capacity”, added Banda.

While acknowledging the challenges that community groups may encounter, Banda encouraged group participants to remain dedicated, supportive, and attentive in all their activities, stating that these qualities are essential for achieving their goal of supporting the less privileged.

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