Legislators pushes for recruitment of the country’s Auditor General

By: Tamandani Hau

Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament, Mark Botomani has stressed the need for the government to consider expediting the process of recruiting the Auditor General (AG).

Botomani, raised the plea in the August House Wednesday, with knowledge that the current one is working on the acting capacity, arguing that the office needs to have a full office bearer.

He pointed out that the position is crucial in providing financial checks and balances, while lamenting that the current acting position has exceeded the recommended six months’ time frame.

“The office of the Auditor General is one of the key positions that needs urgent attention for it comprises of an authority with proper skills in among others, ensuring efficient use of public funds and currently, the position has been dormant on the acting capacity, as such, the government needs to fill the position”, he said.

Concurring with Botomani, Dowa West legislator, Abale Kayembe feels the office of the Auditor General needs to be capacitated and has proposed to the Ministry of Finance to advertise the vacancy or promote the current Acting (AG) to fill the position.

“Much as the country needs to accelerate efforts to strengthen the office of the Auditor General, let me agree with PAC Chairperson that there is a need for the office to have permanent personnel who will be very active as the current person is in the acting position”, said Kayembe.

Meanwhile, Minister of Finance, Sosten Ngwengwe says the Ministry will soon release a vacancy for competent Malawians to apply for the position.

“I must initially agree that the position needs to be filled. Currently we have already sent advertisements for the position to print media so that competent Malawians should apply for the position”, said Gwengwe.

“Let me also add that the government will consider allocating an attractive package for the office as previously, some sectors have bemoaned the payment rate which the Auditor General receives”, he added.

The office of the Auditor General (AG), has for at least 6 years now been occupied by a person in an acting capacity.


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