Ministry urges youths to offer innovative solutions for realization of inclusive development

Written by Humphreys Bomba

Minister of Education, Madalitso Kambawuwa Wirima has urged youths and young achievers to respond to the government’s call of providing innovative solutions that contribute to realization of inclusive development in the country.

She made the sentiments Wednesday during the launch of the “National Research Agenda” championed by the National Planning Commission (NPC) and National Commission for Science and Technology under the theme “operationalize the research needs of MW2063 first 10-year Implementation Plan (MPI-1) in Lilongwe.”

Wirima said interventions of innovative ideas that are locally driven, will help solve social and economic challenges the country is facing.

“The National Research Agenda is going to operationalize research and development, science and technology which are key to great innovations and other positive things we can achieve as a country” she said.

Wirima stressing a point during the launch.

The launch of the research agenda which among others is structured around thematic areas of sustainable agriculture, economic development, human capital, governance, peace and security, embraced various research stakeholders including from the Ministry of Education, representatives of the private sectors, youths and young achievers.

Whilst commenting on funding for the project, Wirima says there is a need for the private sectors as well as the commission to take a great role in lobbying for enough resources rather than only relying on government funding.

“Currently there is a scanty fund as the treasury has squared k450 million against the presumed k2 billion. However, the research development, science and technology are crucial areas to the nation, therefore, stakeholders should add much effort in lobbying for enough funds” said Wirima.

Speaking in a separate interview, Statistical and ICT Specialist at Urban Research and Advocacy Centre (URAC, Cromwell Mhango has endorsed the agenda describing it as a positive step towards realization of the nation blueprint.

“We have been relying on research done outside the country which sometimes does not tally with our vision. We would therefore want the commission and other research agencies to work collaboratively in coming up with locally based research which will tally with the national goals” he said.

The Malawi government has launched the “National Research Agenda” in response to the World Bank 2022 report on climate and economy to guide researchers, think-tanks and development stakeholders in generating knowledge and innovations that can build a knowledge-based economy.


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