Movements advised to value aspirations of their communities

Written by Nothvinia Sam Luhanga:

Malawi’s Coach for Rhize Coaching Fellowship Africa, an institution which works with various movements for social transformation, Victor Asumani has urged up and coming movements to indulge in advocacy which values the aspirations of their communities rather than individualism.

Asumani made the remarks over the weekend during a capacity building training organized for Wozi Community Forum (WCF) from Nkhotakota district, a movement established in 2019 which advocates against any form of injustice particularly in their area.

Asumani said it is imperative that movements know which right duty bearers to present their grievances.

“Movements need to understand that they are working for the entire community, which means they are the voice and eye of the community”, said Asumani.

Asumani: making a presentation during the training.

He also encouraged WCF to continue to be vigilant against any acts of injustices whether perpetrated by their leaders or any person.

“This is essential as it leads to the continued trust by the people whom the movements claim to represent,” added Asumani.

Rose Mbewa, Chairlady for WCF, said they decided to form the movement after noticing that there were acts of injustices in their area.

She said, “We fight against injustices which most of the time stems from corrupt practices issues”.

Mbewa: We were registering many cases of injustices in our area.

Mbewa added that they guard against issues of corruption as well as fighting for inclusion of men and women in any development committees in their area.

Rhize Coaching Fellowship Africa supports newly established movements as they are essential vehicles for transformation.





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