Paramount Chief’s Forum to help resolve chieftaincy wrangles

The Ministry of Local Government is revealing that plans to establish the Paramount Chief’s Forum are at an advanced stage and it will soon hold a meeting with stakeholders on the matter.

Spokesperson in the ministry Anjoya Mwanza tells Umunthu FM all chiefs in the country are in agreement with the forum, which she says will work to their advantage.

Mwanza says through the forum; chiefs will be able to formulate codes of conduct which will be guiding their operations.

She said, “all chiefs from district and national levels have welcomed the idea to establish a Paramount Chief’s Forum and this is a milestone in fostering smooth and diligent operations of chiefs in the country”.

Mwanza says the forum serves to cement the aspirations of the chiefs themselves, who proposed that there is a need to establish the chief’s council.

Last year, the Ministry of Local Government announced plans to establish the Paramount Chief’s Forum whose main role is to help the ministry deal with the resolution of chieftaincy disputes, as an alternative means for courts, with the aim to reduce wrangles in the country.

The ministry said the development will help the ministry start focusing on mainstream development processes, while chieftaincy matters will be handled by structures deeply grounded in culture and tradition.


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