Rhize African Coaching Fellowship praised for providing capacity building to accountability movements

Written by Nothvinia Sam Luhanga:

Empowerment of Youth Movements through initiatives such as capacity building has been described as a catalyst for equipping young activists with leadership abilities.

This was said at a capacity building training which Rhize African Coaching Fellowship organized for Liwawa Green Initiatives (LGI) in Nkhotakota district Monday, where facilitators of the training dwelled much on the relevance of movements.

LGI, is an environmental youth conservationist movement from the area of Traditional Authority (TA) Mwansambo in Nkhotakota which is advocating for the preservation of trees in the area particularly, along Liwawa River, which according to the movement, has fallen to massive deforestation.

Speaking on the sidelines of the training, Victor Asumani, a coach for Rhize African Coaching Fellowship Initiatives, described capacity building as a catalyst for equipping social movements with requisite leadership abilities.

“We identify local social movements so that we equip them with relevant knowledge to enable them to operate their movements efficiently”, said Asumani.

Asumani: We will train four social movements.

Asumani, who further said they will train four social movements, encouraged participants at the training to demonstrate what they learned for the betterment of their localities.

On his part, Chairperson of LGI Joseph Christopher Phiri praised Rhize African Coaching Fellowship for the timely training, which he said is beneficial to their existing programs.

According to Phiri, the training has supplemented efforts they are engaging with local leaders in trying to mitigate the massive deforestation occurring along Liwawa River in the area.

Some of Liwawa Green Initiative members.

“We have really reaped enough from the training which will be used efficiently by our movement and with the aid of this training, we hope we will be able to continue disseminating relevant awareness messages which will undoubtedly bring change”, said Phiri.

He added that before the training, there was also a preexisting leadership gap in the group which has now been covered well.

The Rhize African Coaching fellowship, brings together movement leaders, organizers and activists to learn from each other and gain new skills to support each other.

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