Stories of Resilience: Women with Disabilities Share Their Journey towards Better Menstrual Health

In Kasungu district, courageous women and girls with disabilities are opening up about their struggles with periods. As you read in the article featured in the Tuesdays’ “Dairy Times Newspaper” of 2nd April, 2024, they are facing extra difficulties but are speaking out for better access to sanitary pads and Menstrual Health Management (MHM) information.

A project by Umunthu FM “quality Menstrual Health for women and girls with disabilities” and supported by Amplify Change is giving them hope. Lasting 18 months, it aims increase knowledge in Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SHRH) and Menstrual Health Management.  It also seeks to put to an end to issues of stigma and discrimination that women and girls with disabilities face, especially during their Monthly period.

By sharing their experiences they are showing that everyone deserves to be treated equally, no matter their condition, whether they are living with disabilities or not.

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