Umunthu FM trains 60 women and girls with disabilities with funds from Amplify change.

As part of implementation efforts of the “Quality Menstrual Hygiene for Women and Girls with Disabilities project”, funded by Amplify Change under the Opportunity Grant, Umunthu FM organized a two-day training session for women and girls with disabilities in Kasungu.

The training aimed to educate women and girls with disabilities on simplified Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) and Menstrual Health Management (MHM), the Disability Act of 2019, the National Disability Mainstreaming Strategy and Implementation Plan (NDMS&IP), and other relevant policies.

Esnai Zimba Kasungu district youth friendly health Coordinator demonstrating how to use re-usable pad

These policies have been summarized into a two-page flyer, a video, an audio format, and braille. During the training, participants had the opportunity to view the simplified policies video, receive two-page flyers in both English and Chichewa languages, as well as braille materials for women and girls with visual impairment.

Following discussions on existing SRHR policies, the women and girls were divided into groups to share their real-life experiences and challenges. They identified various social norms, including the association of menstruation with rituals, stigma, and discrimination.

women and girls participating in group discussions.
Pemphero Blessings a woman with visual impairment

To address these issues, participants will soon engage with duty bearers such as ward councilors, teachers, medical practitioners, and representatives at the District council to discuss strategies for ending stigma and discrimination.

The 60 women and girls with disabilities were selected from the areas of Kaomba, Lukwa, Mwase, Chilowamatambe, and Wimbe, where Umunthu FM is implementing an 18-month project funded by Amplify Change.”


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